Columbus Blue Jackets Equipment Review

Sergei Bobrovsky

Sergei Bobrovsky



  • Mask- Bobrovsky’s mask this season has a great blend of team and personal elements. The mask is loaded with red, white, and blue colors, and an abundance of Blue Jackets details across the mask. The main art pieces of the mask are on either side. The right side has the Blue Jackets mascot firing off a cannon (which is part of the Jackets goal celebration), and the left side has a Russian Matryoshka doll firing off a cannon (which pays tribute to his home country). The top of the mask is just red and blue, and the chin has “Bobs” written across it. It’s a good fit for the Blue Jackets, and has some really nice personal touches as well. Rating: 9.9/10
  • Glove- Bob keeps it real simple with his CCM Retro Flex 2 glove. It’s an all white glove with a black CCM logo. This is as basic as a glove can come, and one that would’ve been nice to see some sort of color in it. Hell, even the CCM logo could at least have been one of the uniform colors. Rating: 4.5/10
  • Blocker- The Retro Flex blocker is the same as the glove. It’s just too simple, and does not incorporate any uniform colors (white doesn’t count). Rating: 4.5/10
  • Leg Pads- Again, Retro Flex leg pads. And again, way too basic. Rating: 4.5/10
  • Overall- The all white look is too basic for an NHL goalie, especially with one locked up on a team like Bobrovsky is. There is no incorporation of any uniform colors on this pad set, not even on the logo. The mask, on the other hand, is a great tribute to the team as well as Bobrovsky’s home country, and is the only thing giving this set up a somewhat respectable rating. Rating: 5.9/10


Curtis McElhinney

Curtis McElhinney



  • Mask- McElhinney’s mask is a strictly Blue Jackets themed mask. The mask is predominantly blue with two red stripes running parallel down the center. The left side of the mask features the Jackets cannon crest logo, while the right side of the mask features the Blue Jackets star. This is not a bad mask by any means, but lacks the personal elements typically seen on most masks. Rating: 8.6/10
  • Glove- McElhinney uses the Vaughn V6 2000 Vintage glove, and just like Bobrovsky, it is all white. Except with McElhinney, even the logo is white! While it doesn’t make sense to overload vintage pads with color, it would still make sense to include color in some way (see Jake Allen). Rating: 4.5/10
  • Blocker- This V6 2000 Vintage blocker, just like the glove is completely white, logo included. It’s too basic of a look to get a decent rating. Rating: 4.5/10
  • Leg Pads- Again, the V6 2000 Vintage leg pads are all white, however this time, the logo on the outside of the outer roll is actually the blue found in the Blue Jackets uniforms. It’s the only piece of Blue Jackets color found on either of their goalie’s equipment. Rating: 4.8/10
  • Overall- Just like Bobrovsky, McElhinney sports an all white look that is really basic and boring. McElhinney almost exclusively uses all white logos as well, with the exception of blue on the outisde logo of the leg pads. McElhinney’s mask lacks personal elements, so does not get rated as highly as Bob’s, but it’s still a mask that works well for the Jackets. Rating: 5.6/10



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